CORPORE /wear has been established in Sant Pol de Mar (Barcelona), Spain. The mission of the company is to increase people’s confidence, productivity and happiness by awakening the awareness of body through attention to posture. We believe that the relationship between body and mind is more important than everything. Our posture is the origin of the relationship.
Therefore, CORPORE /wear designs a smart vest for the active, health-conscious consumers to increase the body’s perception by means of the intelligent compression system, and to discern the strong links between body and mind.
The intelligent compression system of CORPORE /wear vest makes you aware of your posture by exerting a slight pressure during poor postures and correct your posture automatically.10 Benefits of Improved Posture
1. Improving your BREATHING
2. Improving your BODY ALIGNMENT
3. Improving your ENERGY LEVELS
4. Improving your CONFIDENCE
5. Improving your APPEARANCE
6. Improving your MOOD
7. Improving your CONCENTRATION
8. Improving your MEMORY
9. Improving your DIGESTION
10. Improving your BODY ACHES & MUSCLE STRAINS
CORPORE /wear is designed in Barcelona, Spain and made in Italy with guaranteed quality.