“chic", a French word, means elegant, out of the ordinary, but also fashionable, exquisite; monde is the universe, the world or human being, people. “Chicmonde" combined together means nice world and people of out of ordinary. It is the principle of Chicmonde to help people live a healthy life.
By means of innovation, Chicmonde designs the practical, smart, and more human-friendly products that make people enjoy life more comfortably and conveniently.

Chicmonde International Limited, established in 2017, aims to provide people with a better and healthier life by providing high-quality products to make people healthier, better, more comfortable and more convenient.
With own brand “Chicmonde”, we focus on designing and producing the innovative and practical products related to maternal and child products as well as healthy life related products. In addition, we cooperate with the well-known brands of Europe and USA to provide many high-quality products for your reference purchase.

Currently, in addition to the brand “Chicmonde” of France, we are also the sole agent of bioTAP that is a famous brand of Spain and makes all kinds of waterproof, anti-noise earplugs, special earplugs to reduce the discomfort caused by the pressure during aircraft taking off and landing as well as comfortable sleep mask. Besides, we are sole agent of CORPORE /wear that is a super vest for correcting posture, designed in Spain and made in Italy with remarkable effect. The vest is comfortable to wear and well sold in Europe and the USA.
Continuously providing the best quality products is the basic insistence of our company. Our company will keep pursuing the perfection of quality. Enhancing your health and life is our mission.